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Arcane Spells

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Welcome to Online Academy Of Spell Casting And Occult Sciences. Spell casting is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. Usually energies are also used. Originally, the word "occult" meant "hidden" and it referred to hidden knowledge. Also an occultist meant someone who explores and uses hidden knowledge for different reasons. However, some occult subjects like hypnosis, NLP, lucid dreaming, making changes in the subconscious etc are not hidden anymore and they are also accepted by scientists. Some other occult subjects like spell casting are not accepted by most scientists because it is hard to observe how a spell works and prove that it worked. For example, you can cast a weight loss spell on yourself and if it works, that doesn't prove anything since you could have lost the weight due to another reason. It is our belief that just like radio waves, magnetic fields, radiation and other similar phenomenon, energies that are used in spell casting will also be discovered by science one day. On our website's members section, we teach all kinds of occult subjects. Some are accepted by most scientists, some are not. We chose subjects based on their usefulness. For example, hypnosis is useful just like spell casting or astral projection so we also teach hypnosis besides more common occult subjects.

You can become a lifetime member of our academy by making a one time payment of 100$. After that, we will create an account for you and you will have access to the members section of our website, where you can find information and ebooks about many occult subjects. Once you become a member, you can contact us through the contact page any time to ask questions about the occult, the information on the members section, or about your experiences. We will always keep adding new pages to the members section so we recommend you to keep checking for new pages. If you would like to become a member, please contact us using our contact page.